LAMSA Jewelry House is stylish, elegant and can be worn no matter what the occasion or the dress code is.
Our design team is constantly striving for perfection, ensuring each of our enchanting collections represent the affordable luxury that LAMSA stands for, with classic timeless design that suits everyone.


A piece of jewelry from LAMSA signals sophisticated elegance with a minimalist look.
The classic design means you can enjoy wearing your jewelry anywhere – at work, every day, or at parties.
Wherever you happen to be or whatever you are wearing, LAMSA jewelry will perfectly complement your style.
Our intention is to uphold a design without too many special features, ensuring that every piece feels as luxurious as you would expect from a designer piece of jewelry.
The unique and timeless design of our jewelry means it will perfectly complement your different outfits.

LAMSA offers a wide range of jewelry, exclusive to the company.

Taking inspiration from our beautiful Arabic mainly EGYPTIAN culture and from places we visit all around the Arabic world, we strive to bring you affordable luxury.

From pendants to rings, bracelets to earrings, LAMSA offers you simply stunning pieces that you’re sure to love.

Perfect for any occasion, our pieces are a must-have for your collection.

Sparkles of Service Excellence

LAMSA owns extensive industry experience, we understand customers’ needs and demands and offer our complete support and assistance in making the right choice.

We are also well aware of the emotional aspects attached to jewelry.

Whether you need custom jewelry, gift for loved ones, or a corporate gift for partners or employees, we can help you put your money in the right place.


Delivering Long-term Value

At LAMSA, we proudly boast customer-oriented business structure and process.
Our main focus is to ensure your satisfaction.
That is why we aim for your long-term benefit and value by offering high quality jewelry at best possible rates.

We serve with great honesty and integrity, sharing every detail of the products with our clients.

Helping us adhere to our values is our well-trained and courteous staff members who are always well aware of the latest trends and prevalent preferences.

LAMSA is changing the way jewelry is bought and sold. We are raising the standards to a new height by offering complete confidence and control to our customers.


We are accompanied by numerous visions and values from the very outset. We are hugely proud that we are planning to:

• Create new premium jewelry in all price segments each season.
• Define the industry standard with materials of the very highest quality.
• Conduct business in a sustainable, profit-oriented and conservative manner as a top priority.
• Always optimize our service offerings in line with our global clientele and partners.
• Hold all employees in the highest esteem.
• Create impulses internally and externally and promote creativity.
• Remain realistic, think in a holistic manner and always retain our independence and flexibility.